Who Created God?

Who created God?

What created God?

Has God always existed?

Is there a being that existed before God?

Did God create God’s self?

Does God have a beginning? Or an end?

Is God a being, or a collective consciousness, or an energy?

big bang
The Big Bang

Quantum physicists posit that outside of our realm of understanding and existing, in the bulk that contains three dimensional space, time exists as a fourth dimension. Were you a “bulk being,” capable of existence outside the limits of our three dimensional universe, then you would experience time as a physical, spatial dimension. Perhaps it would be like valleys and mountains, or an ocean.

This would indicate that God exists outside of time as we know it. God is not beholden to our understanding of past and future. Time is not a limited dimension for God like it is for us.

So if time doesn’t exist linearly outside our experience, then no, God has no beginning. Or end.

Or more accurately, God’s beginning, middle and end all exist concurrently, right now and forever. In that experience outside of the 3-dimensional bounds of time, you experience God as God always was and always will be and how God is right now….and now….and now….

God exists outside the paradigm of our understanding of being and creation and time and space. When God says “I AM”, that’s what God means. God just…..is. And was. And will be.

So, who created God?

Maybe it’s not even necessary that God be created.

5 thoughts on “Who Created God?

  1. I think if God does exist then it is as an entity or energy and not in the way that most of us seem to envisage God. If God is an entity or energy then God could exist out of the time that we understand and,as an energy, would have no beginning, middle or end.


  2. I’m not sure why anyone thought it be necessary that God was created. There’s no evidence for anything other than his eternal existence. Still, you do have a strong grasp on what time means to God, and that’s good. Others struggle with the concept and, sometimes, use it to try to criticize him for ‘inaction’ or being guilty of indulging whims.

    Or they create heresies.


    1. Upon some reflection, I am confused about this post. You understand that God isn’t bound by time, but you reject the Resurrection. What about it is stumbling?


  3. It is entirely possible that god could be created. Yet, the judeo/christian god seems outside of time and space, though i am not sure how that works. Im just a human. This is indeed a nice blog post and would definietly welcome your thoughts on my blog. thank you.


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