Week in Review: 7/29/17

Doubting Our Faith Like Jesus and the Disciples The fear of doubt, for many Christians, is the fear that God will cast them out for doubting God’s truth. It is a fear preyed upon by those who tell them “The End is Near,” and those who want to use that fear to get in their …

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Week in Review: 7/22/17

This week's blog posts: The Heresy of Make America Great Again The “Make America Great Again” song – and really, the whole MAGA concept – is about as anti-Christian as one can get. The fact that a major church in America can really build an entire brand around MAGA just shows the theological bankruptcy of …

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Week in Review: 12/20/15

Myths of the Nativity: Bethlehem vs. Nazareth Understanding the situation of Jesus’ early life, his family situation, his status as a child with no father, and his inconsequential hometown, we can begin to make sense of why Jesus was so committed to the worst and most forgotten of society. I think we often think of Jesus …

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