The Politics of Charity

For those that don’t know, I do have a Substack newsletter, where I write longer pieces and essays that go straight to your email inbox. Currently, I am in the midst of a longer series examining Stanley Hauerwas’ essay “The Politics of Charity”, from his book Truthfulness and Tragedy. The essay takes on the idea that Christian political action must take on the priorities of the world, or in Hauerwas’ construction, the myth that Christians have any obligation to be effective political actors. In my essays, I am unpacking Hauerwas a bit and drawing some connections to our own time and place, where we have a church beholden to the left and right and obsessed with the political fight between the two. How do we break out of that? I think Hauerwas’ prescription of more charity and less effectiveness is a good place to start. Check it out, and subscribe to my newsletter. It is free!



I’ve read a lot of books over the last couple of years, including a lot of theology. In that reading, I have done a lot of underlining and highlighting and noting and dog-earing, all with some vague intention of return. I suppose it is time to be less vague about that, so expect to see here lots of book quotes and fleeting ideas from me to go with them. Especially featured will be Stanley Hauerwas, as I spent 2020-2021 reading his entire corpus of major works. Consider yourself warned, reader.

blogging and newsletter update

Last I posted here, I announced that I was putting the blog on hiatus in lieu of another stab at a newsletter. And, I mostly did that, for a while at least. As I documented in the newsletter earlier this week, I kind of fell off a cliff in December with writing, and I am picking up the pieces now with different goals in mind.

Part of that is that I am going to try to use this blog space again, albeit in different ways. Often times, I come across passages in books or articles that I want to highlight, and maybe lightly comment upon, but not go in depth into. Often, this is a way for me to craft and play with ideas, and also bookmark things for later use. So, to that end, I will be posting shorter items here, often with quotes or selections from things I’m reading, and some small comments to go with. I’m also going to try to streamline my categories and tags, in an effort to make things easier to find and file together, in a sense.

Also, as I detailed in my newsletter (which you should subscribe to; its free!), I am trying to shift my writing back to being more focused on theology than on politics (although those things will often intersect.) So expect to see that here.

Thanks to everyone who has stuck around here, and please subscribe here and to the newsletter if you like what you see!