About Justin

Photo on 2015-09-01 at 12.46 #2Justin DaMetz is a father, husband, seminarian and pastor, and amateur blogger and writer. Currently attending Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, OK, Justin works for a campus ministry and as Worship Coordinator at All Souls Unitarian Church.

For United Campus Ministries at the University of Tulsa, also known locally as the “Little Blue House”, Justin serves as Programs Coordinator. Through event and program planning execution, student organization support, and pastoral care, he helps create an open, accepting place of campus for any and all students. The Little Blue House is an ecumenical campus ministry, the only open and affirming TU ministry, that focuses on peace and justice work and providing a progressive faith community for students.

Justin also serves as the Worship Coordinator at All Souls Unitarian Church. In this position, he works with the ministry team and Director of Worship in planning all worship services, including “stage-managing” all three services on Sunday morning. All Souls is the largest Unitarian church in America, where the mantra of “Love Beyond Belief” is the guiding ideal.

Justin received his Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Oklahoma City University. He previously worked in politics, including for a statewide gubernatorial campaign in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma House Democratic Caucus, and as the Executive Director of the Sedgwick County Democratic Party, in Wichita KS. He grew up in rural Kansas, the oldest of three children.

Justin is married to the beautiful Arianna, who works for Tulsa Hub, a non-profit focused on transportation justice by providing bicycles and skills to those in need, and is a student at Oklahoma State University, in the American Studies department. She plans on becoming a community organizer, helping people change their communities for the better. They have two children, Julian Christopher, age 2, and Evelyn Sophia age 10 months. They currently reside in Tulsa, OK.

7 thoughts on “About Justin

  1. Jonathan Still

    I FULLY AGREE with the comments made in your recent blog regarding the Paris attack and the refuges from Syria. I am very proud of you and I wish your family great fortune in your endeavors!


  2. Brian Hey

    In regard to your mentioning Christian Protestant progressives trumpet individualism in America (Ephesians 4). I always thought progressivism as collective. In fact as an urban minister myself and active as a Catholic with the secular Franciscans, why would progressive christianity even espouse individualism?


  3. Your sarcastic interpretation of Donald Trump now becomes clear as I see you have worked with the Democratic Caucus and indeed are a Democrat. That’s all I need to know about your obvious bias to the Left.


  4. Lea McCloud

    As a Kansan, I’m proud to see that Justin shares some of my background: grew up in rural area (Ellis County). ..a seminarian — I was 15 years ago in Chicago, at a progressive/liberal/ Presbyterian seminary: McCormick.. . and I am also a Democrat, which it not too common in Kansas, even though, as Kansans are now experiencing, being a Kansan in a Red State is sometimes a bit embarrassing when our leaders make the news. Thanks Justin. Keep it up!


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