Trying the Newsletter….Again

I’ve been intending and trying to start a newsletter for a couple of years ago. And, well, here I am trying to get back on that horse. I’ve rebranded it, as The Compendium. Here is a little bit about it that I wrote up recently:

The Compendium is a collection of thoughts, on a variety of subjects. Writing is a cathartic process for me, an opportunity to work through and think about any number of things that interest or perplex me. Writing in public is even more so, as I gain the advantage of having other amazing humans to bounce these ideas off of.

So why a newsletter? For several years now, I’ve run a small blog, with a bit of success. But, that format seems to be running its course for me, in terms of being a place I can be creative and original. I’m an avid reader of a variety of Substack newsletters, so it seems natural to be trying this format out.

Why should you subscribe? If you are interested in thinking, reading, and conversing about theology, books, culture, politics, history, philosophy, or sport, at a minimum, then this will be a space to explore those things. I look to create a community of thinkers; I hope you’ll want to be a part of that.

Anyways, I hope you’ll subscribe. Just click the link below.

Click here to subscribe to The Compendium.

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