I’ve recently been drawn to diving back into Bob Dylan’s discography, triggered probably by a review of his latest album in Jacobin, and by running across a reference to him in a blog post I read. (This is really all it takes to send my down rabbit holes sometimes.) I (typically so) discovered and fell in love with the music of Dylan in college, as I entered into leftist politics and thought. Over the years since then, I haven’t listented to him a ton, but have always been happy to listen to him whenever he comes across my shuffle playlist.

But, I want to dig deeper, so I’m attempting a listen through of his studio discography, followed by The Bootleg Series. We’ll see how far I get. For now, though, I was just listening to the Essentials Playlist on Apple Music, and remembering how much I love songs like “Tangled Up in Blue” (my all-time favorite Dylan track), “Like a Rolling Stone”, “Molly’s Farm”, “Subterranean Homesick Blues” and the Nashville Skyline take on “Girl from the North Country” with Johnny Cash. What a national treasure. Can you believe he’s 79, and still going strong as ever? May we all be so blessed.

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