Blogging the Gospels: Introduction

I write about a lot of things on this blog. Theology, politics, culture, books, policy, religion, America. As intended, this blog definitely functions as a reflection of my own interests and obsessions.

But one thing I don’t spend much time on here that I enjoy and that I think I should is reading and commenting on Scripture. I love reading Scripture, and finding new meanings and interpretations and understandings and nuances. I don’t write about that nearly enough here. I’ve played with the idea of doing a Daily Office series, but committing to writing on a daily basis is not realistic for me.

However, I think I have found something I can do, that I know I will enjoy, and that would hopefully spark some good conversation: reading the Gospels. I want to do it along the lines of the Paul series I did five years ago, reading through the texts in their entirety, and finding something to say about each.

The question arises: why the Gospels? I believe Scripture is the leading teaching tool in our faith, and within Scripture, the Gospels are the center from which we read and interpret the rest of our faith. The story of Christ is the story we are baptized into, and Christ should be where we look first when trying to understand how to be a Christian, or more accurately, how to be a disciple of Christ. Thus, doing a close reading of the Gospel stories is an important task for any Christian. I love the example my home denomination, the Episcopal Church, sets in this respect: the Gospel reading is one of the central moments of Worship, where all stop and stand and turn their faces towards what they are hearing. I hope this endeavor plays a similar role for me, and for you as well, as together we take a moment to stop and remember the story of Christ.

So, starting soon, I will be reading the Four Gospels in order – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John – and providing commentary on each passage. Some days, I’ll probably focus on just a couple verses. And other days, I may tackle a whole chapter at once. I’ll never settle on a single method of commentary: some days it may be historical critical, the next devotional style, and the next applying it as cultural commentary. Sometimes, I may even spend multiple days on a single verse, looking at it more than one way. I’ll go wherever the Spirit leads, as they say. I’m also not promising to write everyday. Some weeks, I may post three or four time; other weeks, not at all.

You’ll be able to find this series through the tag #BloggingtheGospels. I’ll be sure each time to indicate which verses will be coming next, so you can read along if you like. Let’s read!

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