Why Wearing a Mask is Important

A quick response to the “meltdown” of R.R. Reno on Twitter this week, and the overall meltdown of many on the conservative end of the political spectrum this week:

Wearing a mask in public is not cowardice. It is not socialist. It is not tyranny. It is not the destruction of your freedom or autonomy.

Wearing a mask in public is the responsible thing to do, not in order to save yourself, but in order to keep those around you safe. It’s about a disease that lays dormant for two weeks, and even after that can be asymptomatic, but which still spreads via liquid particles from the mouth and nose. You should wear a mask to keep those around you safe from getting a disease you may or may not be carrying. It’s about thinking about others and doing our part to help everyone around us stay safe and healthy. It’s about protecting vulnerable populations like the elderly, the immuno-compromised or the pregnant.

The real coward is the one who can see no further than the end of their own nose, and thus cannot conceive of doing the radical, dangerous work of loving others by caring for our neighbors. That is the work of Christ, not of cowards.

(Never mind that Jesus blesses the meek and the peacekeepers, not the brave or the strong. But that’s a Sermon on a Mount for another day.)

Wear your mask. Help keep those around you safe.

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