My newsletter: a small taste

I’ve mentioned before, I have an email newsletter I sent out periodically, which collects my random thoughts and ideas, as well as updates on the things I am working on, reading, listening to etc. You should check it out! Even better, you should subscribe! It’s free, it comes straight to your email, its fun (I think.)

You can subscribe by clicking here. And here is a taste of today’s newsletter, with my favorite part: the status update. Enjoy, and subscribe!

What I’m reading: Finished Salamandastron, so on to the next Redwall book (chronologically), Martin the Warrior. Still working through American Sphinx. And still on The Socialist Decision by Tillich, which was muddling along through the middle, but now is picking up rather well in part 3.

What I’m watching: Almost nothing, except for some news. Consciously making the effort to use all this time to read and write, rather than watch.

What I’m eating: That pizza bread was something else. Also, Tabitha made her delicious “Chex” mix yesterday, which you can read more about here.

What I’m playing: A little bit of Elder Scrolls Online, on the XBox. I’ve had it on the shelf for a a couple years, but have never given it a chance (which is strange for me, because I love all things Elder Scrolls.)

What I’m writing: I am definitely feeling the pull, after about 9 months away, into full theological writing again. Got a few things on the burners, and fingers crossed that I’ll make some good progress.

What I’m listening to: Removed The Pressbox from the blog roll, because it was, in fact, too much. Trying mostly to catch up on Ezra Klein, The Prancing Pony, and Homebrewed Christianity, after about two years away.

What I’m working on; Edits! Had a couple of friends reach out to me to read and edit some things, and I’ve really been enjoying that. Trying to find more of that kind of work to do!

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