Justin’s Writing Pad: My new email newsletter!

Something all the cool kids are doing these days is email newsletters. I have a handful I subscribe to and read, and I really like the format. So, I’ve decided to do my own!

So, what will set it apart from this blog? Good question.

I envision this blog holding thought out, “completed” pieces, for lack of a better term. What I post here I what, in my head, feels like published work, things I’ve thought about and planned and taken time to write and edit.

The newsletter, on the other hand, I hope to use more as a place to quickly put together things I’m thinking about, things I’ve read that I don’t have a ton to say something about, and “status update” type reports on things I’m reading, watching, listening to, experiencing etc. Alan Jacobs, whose “Snakes and Ladders” newsletter is one of my favorite things, does this in each of his, and I love it. So, with credit to him, I’m going to borrow the idea for myself.

I’ll also usually link to what I write here, as I intend to do a weekly newsletter. It can be a place to aggregate what’s happening here.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then please subscribe by clicking here!


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