“We are all worthy, we are all equal, and we all count”

kennedyiiiPowerful words from Rep. Joe Kennedy III Tuesday night:

This administration isn’t just targeting the laws that protect us — they are targeting the very idea that we are all worthy of protection.

For them, dignity isn’t something you’re born with but something you measure.

By your net worth, your celebrity, your headlines, your crowd size.

Not to mention, the gender of your spouse. The country of your birth. The color of your skin. The God of your prayers.

Their record is a rebuke of our highest American ideal: the belief that we are all worthy, we are all equal and we all count. In the eyes of our law and our leaders, our God and our government.

That is the American promise.

America certainly hasn’t always lived up to this promise, especially towards women and minorities and LGBTQ+ people. But these words are the vision we should strive for, not because it is uniquely American, but because this is the vision of the Kingdom of God: a world where all people are respected and loved because of their inherent dignity as children of God.

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