Al Franken Should Resign. So Should Donald Trump and Roy Moore.

News broke this week that Sen. Al Franken (Min-D) sexually harassed a sleeping female reporter on a flight 11 years ago. There are even pictures showing him mimicking groping her while she slept.

Since a certain segment of our population (Republicans, to be exact) seem to be struggling with this, let me show you how to respond.

I’m a liberal Democrat and I think Al Franken should step down. The people of Minnesota deserve a Senator who has not harassed or assaulted women; what he did was wrong and he should face serious consequences for it. That’s how we show future people inclined to commit these acts that they are inexcusable and intolerable.

Yes, I am aware this impacts Democrats’ chances of holding that seat in a special election next year. Yes, I understand this threatens to imperil Democrats in less safe seats who will be under scrutiny from Republicans who will be looking hard for this stuff to flip seats.

I don’t care. The dignity of women and their right to go about their lives without harassment is way more important than any electoral or political situation.

Al Franken should resign. Donald Trump should resign. Roy Moore should step down. Any future politician who implicated or seriously accused should leave office. Sexual assault is unacceptable and consequences should be serious. Politics be damned. Basic human decency is more important.


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