So very sad and horrified about the news and images coming out of #lasvegas last night. But not at all surprised or shocked in the least.

I mean, really, a gun violence event of this magnitude was inevitable. And not just because of lax gun laws (Although that certainly plays a leading role in the trend of increased gun violence in the United States.) But also because we are a soul-sick culture, where human lives are worth very little, or at least less than making an ideological point or spreading terror or getting some face time on the news or making a quick buck. If we really believed #AllLivesMatter we would act like it, not only by passing meaningful gun control legislation, but also by practicing a politics of humane intentions, where we see the Image of God in every other human being, and we encourage – we demand- that others to do the same.

I don’t even have the energy or desire to talk about gun laws. Because it hardly matters. We have a political system fully in thrall to the Violence and Death lobby, and within a week or two, we will move on from here with nothing being done. If the faces of 20 innocent five- and six-year-olds in Newtown, Connecticut who were murdered couldn’t get us to do anything, even with a pro-gun control president and Senate, then I certainly don’t expect this event to. It’s a tired and exhausting charade of faux concern and meaningless “thoughts and prayers,” of endless social media fights about the 2nd Amendment and magazine capacity and good guys with guns and I’m simply not interested.

We move towards preventing this type of thing by doing the little work of loving one another, one small action at a time. We do it by condemning the rhetoric of “us vs. them”, by refusing to support politicians and thought leaders who pit people against people, who refuse to take action, all in the pursuit of more money and power. We do this all in the hope and expectation that it will one day make the world a better place, that it will help prevent this kind of event happening in the future. And we have to do it ourselves, because our leaders aren’t gonna do a damn thing about any of it.


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