Welcoming the Stranger at Yale

This is what a Living Gospel looks like in today’s world:

Courtesy of Arnold Gold and Yale News

Three members of the Yale community — Reverend Robert Beloin, Reverend Karl Davis and history professor Jennifer Klein — were arrested on Monday for blocking the entrance to a courthouse in Hartford during a demonstration against the planned deportation of Franklin and Gioconda Ramos, undocumented immigrants facing imminent removal from the country.

Beloin, Davis and Klein were three of 36 people arrested for blocking the entrance to the courthouse. Beloin is Yale’s Roman Catholic chaplain and the chaplain of St. Thomas More Catholic Chapel and Center, while Davis is an assistant chaplain at STM. The arrests were first reported by the New Haven Register. Davis and Beloin are scheduled for an arraignment on October 11 in Hartford Community Court.

“I just find it morally appalling that we’re deporting hardworking people making a contribution to our society,” he told the News. “Pope Francis talks about going to the margins and accompanying people, and I can’t think of a way to go further to the margin and accompany people than to go to a protest and be arrested.”

Undocumented people across the country, in every state, county and town, are living in fear of exactly this: being uprooted from their home, taken away from their children, and sent to a country they once lived in. All because of a line on a map and arbitrary papers.

There is no better witness for the Christian community than to take the words of Jesus seriously about welcoming the stranger by finding out how we can help with undocumented people in our communities. Let the example of Beloin, Davis, and Klein be an example for us all.

You can find resources for action, call scripts, and information for getting in touch with local points of activism by checking out the Indivisible page on DACA.

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