Big Changes Ahead!

As I’ve shared here before, this last year has been one of much change. And in a few weeks, one of the biggest changes of all will be happening in my life.

I have been accepted into the Master of Theological Studies program at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, in Evanston, Illinois, beginning this fall semester. Obviously, this means I am leaving Phillips Theological Seminary here in Tulsa, where I have been enrolled for the last two years. A variety of factors have played into this decision, and I am excited to get up to Chicago and finish my Masters work so I can begin working on my Ph.D! I will miss Phillips and all the wonderful colleagues I had there, but I am also excited for a whole new cohort of peers and teachers at GETS!

At Garrett, I will be doing my thesis work in Constructive Theology, with specific areas of focus on suffering, death and dying, liberation theology, and the work of Moltmann. (Or at least that’s the plan for now.) I  look forward to sharing here how my thoughts are being shaped and growing, and some of my work as well. And of course, I look forward to your feedback on that work!

Leaving Tulsa is not an easy choice, especially because my kids will still be there. I am making this choice fully knowing I am going to have to be a long-distance parent for a while. It’s hard and really sad to be away from them, but I still intend to be an active presence in their lives, and to be in Tulsa as often as I can to be with them.

This also means I am leaving the wonderful community at All Souls Unitarian Church, where I have been employed for the last year and a half, and the campus ministry at the University of Tulsa where I also worked. I hate to leave both of these places, and all the wonderful people I have met there.

I look forward to sharing my Chicago/Garrett adventures here, especially all the exciting/interesting/challenging things I will come upon in my studies. Classes start September 5th, and I am relocating in just three short weeks. Thanks to you all for your support, and if you are in Chicago, give me a shout!


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