Writer’s Block

It’s time to face a reality I’ve only been partly grappling with: I am in the midst of a months-long case of writer’s block. Every couple of days, I sit down to write something, either on here, or just in a blank document, but I can’t do it. The prospect of starting a piece, of formulating ideas and thoughts and arguments, seems completely overwhelming. I don’t even know where to start.

I think this is the product of three things. First, seminary really is a drain on one’s intellectual capacities. This isn’t a criticism or complaint; I am loving seminary life. But after hours of reading and writing every week, I don’t have much left over for writing that isn’t related to class in some way.

Second, the last six months have been a period of really intense and serious personal upheaval. I don’t want to get into too many details; those who need to know, know what’s happening. But emotionally, I am quite spent. Again, this makes it difficult to find the energy to sit down and right something.

Finally, and I admit this is rather gratuitous, but the election has a profound effect on my approach to writing. It’s a strange confluence of a wealth of topics to write about in the Trump era, and a feeling of not even knowing where to start or how to approach these happenings in a way that is respectful of the topics and those effected. Things that are happening every day feel overwhelming, and my attempts to write about them seems rather futile.

So there it is. That hopefully explains to relative lack of silence here. It’s disappointing to me most of all that I can’t find the passion and energy to share more here, because intellectually, I have been experiencing and grappling with some exciting ideas, alongside some changes in my education and career path that I want to share more of. I am hoping to work some daily personal writing practice into life, and if we are lucky, that will translate into a move past the block and the ability to get back to work here. If anybody has any good tips for tackling writer’s block, I wouldn’t mind the advice. In the meantime, I’ll write here if I am feeling it, and I appreciate the good thoughts and prayers.

Grace and peace,



3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

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