I Don’t Think You Really Believe That All Lives Matter

You keep saying ALL LIVES MATTER.

B5EXq2jIgAAny_JEvery time we talk about the black lives ending every single day at the hands of a racist system by saying “Black Lives Matter”, you stand up and yell back that no, ALL LIVES MATTER.

But here’s the thing. I don’t think you really believe that ALL LIVES MATTER.

Because, if you did believe it, then you would act like ALL lives really do matter. You see, you can’t really pick which lives fall under “all” if you are going to say “all.”

If you cared about all lives, you wouldn’t be against common sense gun control. You wouldn’t just talk about all the gun deaths in Chicago when others bring up police violence.

If you cared about all lives, you wouldn’t be trying to split up families and send people back to drug wars and human trafficking in Central America.

If you cared about all lives, you wouldn’t be against refugees from war-torn Syria trying to save their lives by coming to the west.

If you cared about all lives, you wouldn’t be so eager to go to war in the Middle East and kill the wives and children of suspected terrorists.

If you cared about all lives, you wouldn’t oppose the idea of ensuring affordable, accessible health care to all people, regardless of ability to pay. You would understand that health care shouldn’t be a purchased commodity, but a human right.

If you cared about all lives, you wouldn’t be trying to take away food and housing from needy families here in America who are supported by our meager social safety net.

If you cared about all lives, you wouldn’t demonize an entire religion because of the actions of a radical few.

If you cared about all lives, you wouldn’t be wildly cheering a political candidate who shows complete and utter disdain for the human rights of women and Muslims and people of color and poor people and immigrants and refugees and and basically anyone who isn’t him.

If you cared about all lives, you wouldn’t fight tooth and nail against the right of people to love whom they choose, be who they choose, and express themselves how they choose. You wouldn’t label an entire group of people dangerous or pedophiles because they want to use the bathroom in peace.

If you cared about all lives, you wouldn’t disparage a movement to raise awareness of black lives. You wouldn’t feel the need to have a knee-jerk reaction of demonization and marginalization towards black human beings who want to stop being killed for being black. You wouldn’t label them all “thugs” and “deadbeats” and “welfare queens.”BlackLivesMatter-AllLivesMatter

But, because you do all those things, I really just don’t think you believe ALL LIVES MATTER. Why don’t you just be honest and say what you really mean:


All others negotiable.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Think You Really Believe That All Lives Matter

  1. Again, you judge, without knowledge. You assert your ideology as the truth, casting all others as heresy. You propose solutions based on platitudes, not on past attempts or actual real world application.

    “Common sense gun control”? What does that even mean? Of the hundreds dead in Chicago this year, name one act of gun control that would have prevent them.

    “send people back”? What is the effect of a no borders policy on a country? Are those people barred from entering legally?

    “refugees from war-torn Syria”? Europe is a coming apart at the seems. Why isn’t the religion of peace in Saudi Arabia or any other Middle Eastern country assisting these people? Is moving them tens of thousands of miles from their home the best solution?

    “eager to go to war in the Middle East”? Please prove the intent was ‘eager’. But honestly, you will chastise conservatives for any war. Yet, curiously silent as Obama’s drones kill thousands.

    “affordable, accessible health care” You mean free. Will you pay the doctors? Pay the scientist/engineers/manufacturers of our medical products and devices? Do you offer your services for free? Please provide the math that shows how we can cover the cost of free medicine without confiscating entire incomes through taxation.

    “meager social safety net”? That meager social net is paying out $30-$40k hoping people can scratch out an existence. Please find main stream people looking to eliminate social services. Further, why are progressives so excited to see people living off government funds and not on their own independence.

    “actions of a radical few” 5200 killed by a radical few during the month of Ramadan. Tens of thousands killed/enslaved/raped in the last couple of years by a radical few. Yet you condemn all american whites for the actions of few 200yrs ago.

    Yes, Trump sucks. However, his opponent also shows disdain for the rights of women in taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from Saudi, but she also show complete disdain for the rule of law. Lets call this a tie.

    “fight tooth and nail against the right of people to love” That is a lie.

    “label an entire group of people dangerous or pedophiles” Again lie. However, to protect the woman in my family why open the door to danger. Oh, and it just happened in a Target. What if it were your wife?

    Black lives matter should be a good thing, but it doesn’t care about black lives. It cares about moving a political agenda. If they cared about black lives, those thousands of people marching in the streets, blocking traffic would nightly march the streets of inner city Chicago demanding the neighborhood change. Demanding a better education system. Demanding welfare reform. Demanding an atmosphere of economic stability within the inner city. Instead, they are only creating a divide between people. Not offering solutions, just pointing a finger.

    Your issue is that my definition of black lives matter and yours don’t jive. As such you walk with blinders on, condemning everything not art of your worldview. Every platitude above has more than one solution. However, your power exists in the one that divides.


  2. Common sense gun control is at the very least making the existing laws consistent and universal. A background check for every sale.

    I can’t speak for refugees, but I can’t think of a place in the Middle East where I’d seek asylum.

    I haven’t been silent about drone strikes. Both of the last presidents are guilty, and it should stop. Bombing them is not the answer. Middle East policy is a mess. The point is, though, that many conservatives are saying that we’re not bombing enough. You seem to disagree, as do I.

    There was no mention of free health care. Republicans have tried to reverse the ACA, which is not a free health care system. I’m not sure where you got the idea that free health care means that we would ask doctors to work for free. If everyone’s taxes increased by the amount they’re paying for health insurance now, we could have fabulous health care.

    People of other nations cry “death to Americans” because of the words and actions of a radical few here. It works both ways. Somebody has to stop the cycle of hatred, so if we can’t bully them into doing it, maybe we should consider doing it ourselves.

    Trump and Clinton are not a tie. She actually has experience in public service and at a very high level. Even the First Lady has to understand the rules of engagement with foreign leaders. Trump has shown very little understanding of anything except manipulation and how to incite a crowd to violence.

    “Fighting tooth and nail against the right of people to love” is conveniently misquoted. You left off “whom they choose,” which makes the statement absolutely true. If you take away their right to marry, it’s the same thing. You’re saying that heterosexual couples have more right to love than homosexual ones.

    Labeling as pedophiles. Not a lie at all. Plenty of people publicly declared that children weren’t safe in bathrooms. I don’t think they were worried about coordinating belt and handbag.

    You say that Black Lives Matter is about moving a political agenda, but you don’t say what it is. If they’re trying to politicize the idea that black lives matter, then more power to them. They probably need to be political to keep gaining traction. My understanding of it – excessive violence toward black people on the part of police. Every single case, from Trayvon Martin on, so many people have tried to justify the police by saying that the victim had committed a crime at some time in his/her life. How about we stop telling other people what their experiences are, and accept that what they say is true, at least for them?

    Accusing Justin of judging without knowledge? He shares his opinion. That’s what a blog is. And he seems plenty knowledgeable to me.


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