Another day, another tragedy. At a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas last night – a rally where protesters and cops were taking pictures together, where peace reigned, where we were seeing solidarity – murderers struck. Armed with sniper rifles and highly coordinated, they managed to kill 5 police officers and injure 7 others.

This is domestic terrorism. This is terrible and unacceptable. The actions of these terrorists undermines the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement and it’s supporters. Not because the murderers represent BLM (they most certainly don’t), but because this becomes an easy way for BLM critics to paint the movement as violent and dangerous.

I don’t have a lot to say this morning. Last night was surreal and scary, and it’s still difficult to process this morning, as more news comes in and we watch the videos from Dallas. I only hope and pray that this event, rather than tearing our nation further apart, can instead rally us all together.

Violence to protest violence is not the answer. I know it’s not my place, as a member of the oppressor class, to tell the oppressed how to respond to their oppression. And violence certainly would seem justified and logical at this point. But, as a Christian, I know unequivocally that Jesus showed us that the only way to break the cycle of violence is through non-violent action. Not non-violent inaction, not laying down, but concerted, imaginative action that gets attention and shows the futility of continued violence against one another.

Jesus was wept last night. Weeping at the death, and our inability to understand that only in solidarity and complete regard for all human life- black, white, police – will we find peace. I pray we can begin to understand that.

While I don’t have many words today, my wife Arianna wrote something beautiful and moving in the middle of the night as she watched the news coverage. I will be sharing that here later today.


One thought on “#Dallas

  1. kat

    I think it is very sad that you don’t see that the BLM movement is racist and is based on media hype and untruth. These shootings are declared unwarranted, police brutality and racially motivated before they are ever investigated, before the truth is revealed and yet you think Jesus wants us to get behind this organization and back them because they think they deserve special treatment to make up for history? So when does the injustice end? After how many years of America handing out entitlements and special privileges to one race in order to “make up for past sins” does it take before it is all just? Do you not realize that what this does is rally blacks together to segregate themselves and then brainwash their young into believing they “deserve” equality regardless of how they act or choices they make? We are to get behind an organization that rally’s a culture into fighting back against something that may or may not be happening? Really? Because the Jesus I know would say it is up to each Christian to reach out to people and help them regardless of color or race or religion. The Jesus I know would say to a black person who thinks they might be being treated unfairly, the same thing he would say to a white person who thinks they are being treated unfairly………turn the other cheek, do you remember that scripture or does “progressive Christianity” have it’s own bible? I am white and I get treated unfairly all the time by whites, black, hispanics, it really doesn’t matter, and I know it has nothing to do with the color of my skin, it has to do with the fact that there are unkind and even evil people in the world. Unfortunately it will be that way until Jesus returns, but until then Instead of forming groups to segregate black people and demand what they think is due them (i.e. reinforce and entitlement mentality because we see how well that is working out for America), why don’t we individually turn people towards God through repentance so that we can promote love and peace, one person at a time, regardless of culture or color of skin.


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