A Open Letter to Donald Trump, On the Occasion Of Your Salvation

Dear Donald Trump,

Screen-Shot-2015-10-03-at-11-compressedCongratulations! I just heard that Dr. James Dobson, who was at your little get together with evangelical leaders last week, has confirmed for us that you have indeed been saved and are now a born-again Christian. Great news!

We in the DaMetz household are ecstatic that you, like us, have decided that following the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth is the best way of going about life. It’s something really important to us, and to millions of others, and because of that, I just know you wouldn’t be claiming the name Christian as a political tool to win votes. You must be very sincere! So, welcome to the family, brother Trump!

And because we know being a Christian is really hard, as we are still figuring it out ourselves, I just wanted to drop you a note on what we have been learning, because, as the esteemed Dr. Dobson said, you are just a “baby Christian.”

So, here we go.

First of all, that whole thing a while back about your favorite Bible verse. You see, it sounded like you said “An eye for an eye” was your favorite. Which is great! That’s actually in the Bible, way back in Leviticus, so kudos to you. But, see, now you are a Christian, and Jesus did have something to say about “an eye for an eye.” It was something like this:

You have heard that it was said, “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” But I say to you, Do not resist an evildoer. But if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also. — Matthew 5:38-39

Yeah, geez, ok, so maybe you should find a new favorite verse, since Jesus kind of slapped that one down. But that’s ok! There are lots of other good ones to choose from!

(And really, this should be easy for you, right? I mean, you are the man with a warehouse full of Bibles in the middle of Manhattan, right?)

So anyways, let’s move on. Jesus was pretty explicit about what it takes to follow him as a Christian, and since you seem like the kind of guy who really appreciates easy-to-follow instructions, this whole Christian thing should come pretty easy to you, with just a little Bible study.

I mean, for instance, there is the one above: “turn the other cheek.” Basically, what that means is, if somebody does you wrong, you don’t try to get even or strike back. The Christian thing to do is submit, in love, knowing that breaking the cycle of violence is a lot more important that getting even. You can do that, right?

Then there is Luke 6:37-38: “Do not judge, and you will not be judged; do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven; give, and it will be given to you.” So that’s all pretty cut-and-dry: Don’t judge, don’t condemn, forgive, give. Check, check, check, check.

How about some more from Matthew 5; these are some of my favorites, so I’m sure you’ll love them too. See, in this part of the Bible (called Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount”; it’s a really big, like, rally speech he gave. Just like you do!!), Jesus gives us a list of people to bless. Now, you always tell us how much you love all the people (especially winners, right?), so you should really like this part. Here are the people Jesus thinks we should exalt:

  • the poor
  • the mournful
  • the meek
  • the hungry and thirsty
  • the merciful
  • the pure
  • peacemakers
  • the persecuted

So, yeah, I know that, technically speaking, none of those seem on the surface like “Winners” or the rich and powerful or influential or anything. But, hey, this is what Jesus said it takes to follow him, and you are now a born-again Christian now, so I guess you can get on board, right?

So, jumping ahead a bit in Matthew 5, Jesus says that if you are angry, then that’s really bad. So, yeah, no more anger towards other people.

Jesus also says we need to love our enemies. Now, I know this is hard. Because there are a lot of enemies out there. And it would be really great to just bomb them back to the stone age, and move one, right? Or at least, build a really big wall so that we don’t have to see them anymore. But, see, that’s just the thing. Jesus said we can’t do that. Like, he’s very adamant and everything. So make a note, we are going to have to revisit that part of your campaign platform.

Oh, and right after that, he says this:

“Whenever you give alms, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be praised by others.”

Now, I know you made a big deal about giving $1 million to a veterans group a few weeks ago (except you actually didn’t give them the money, and then lied about it. Oops!) Donald, you can’t do that. Just donate the money and move on, because it’s not about you, right? It’s about them, and your reward is in heaven and blah blah blah. Ok.

Along those same lines, Jesus says “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth.” So we are going to have to talk about you giving away a lot of stuff. Like, a lot. Start picking a few things to keep. This is really important, because just a few verses later Jesus says, “You cannot serve God and wealth,” and then “It will be hard for a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven.” (He said that last thing after telling the rich man to go sell all he had and give the money to the poor. Yeah, I know.)

Now, I know you’ve been told your whole life that the fact that you are rich and powerful and well-known means that you are obviously blessed and favored by God. But, well, see, Jesus actually says that’s not true. Jesus’ overarching theme is that favor rests on the meek and oppressed and poor and lowly. I know, that kind of turns this whole world upside down, and reverses everything we’ve been told about how the world works. But that’s the point! Jesus turns it all upside down! Crazy!

Because, here in America, we like to tell ourselves that Jesus is found in the boardroom, in victory lane, on Wall Street, in success and riches and power. But, again, that’s just not what the Bible actually says. And, I mean, if you are a Christian now (and James Dobson says you are and who am I to doubt that ringing endorsement?) then you have to start following what Jesus actually said. And later on in Matthew, in chapter 25, he says this: “Just as you did it to one of the least of these, you did it to me,” and by least of these, he means the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick and the imprisoned. What he is saying is, he (Jesus) is found with people like that.

I know, this whole Christian thing is starting to seem really hard and uncomfortable. I get it, ok? But, I also know that you have “Really great stamina” and that you are really strong and smart and powerful. I know all this because you told me this. Over and over and over again. So, I know you can do this. I believe in you Donald.

Anyways, I know this is a long letter, and it’s hard to focus for this long, so I’m gonna wrap things up. Again, I’m so excited you are a Christian now. And I know how sincere you are, and so I can’t wait to see you start living out the Way of Christ in your life. What better way to spread the message of Jesus, then by having someone of your stature living it everyday in the public eye!

Your brother in Christ,

Justin DaMetz


66 thoughts on “A Open Letter to Donald Trump, On the Occasion Of Your Salvation

  1. Rehabman

    Too much criticism and sarcasm. And if you were only interested in helping Brother Trump, why would you publish a so-called letter to him on FB? I think the part about giving alms could apply in this case. I couldn’t ever finish reading it. But one thing I know about this election, I’m very glad I’m a Canadian and don’t have to make a choice between the two you have to vote for.

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    1. This is hysterical! So sorry not everyone can just chill out and laugh at this. It reminds me of when Jesus said to the self-righteous Pharisees who condemned him for socializing with ‘sinners’, “It is not the well that need a physician but the sick,” knowing full well that these leaders were the truly sick ones.

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  2. Lloyd Peacock

    I can’t judge whether or not someone else has accepted Jesus. The Bible says that we shall know them by their fruits. So I will leave it at that.

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  3. Helen

    I think you are spot on with this letter. Did you post this on Trump’s FB page or anywhere else he might see it or someone might bring it to his attention? It won’t change anything but perhaps, perhaps if he has ANY conscience then it may tug at him, deep down, maybe, just maybe tug at him and give him pause.

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    1. Thanks Helen! This post has really taken off, so maybe it will make it to him, but I don’t know how much good it would. Any change of heart would require some introspection and willingness to change, and I don’t think we’ve seen much of that from Mr. Trump!


      1. Justin, sounds to me that you may have judged and persecuted Mr Trumph, I believe the Bible says judge not that you not be judged, and to love thy neighbor your toung-in-cheek slander has fooled no one. Be careful!

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      2. Hi Bruce! I’m not sure where you saw me judge or persecute Mr. Trump; I believe my blog post is filled with my interpretations of Jesus’ acts and teachings, written with the purpose of instructing the presidential candidate. If it is judgmental or persecuting to spread the Gospel message, then I think a lot of evangelists are going to be in trouble!

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  4. Donna F. Eliason

    Your judging Trump and making fun of him makes me wonder what you think of the other candidates who also claim to be Christians. Where are their letters. Be careful you don’t sound self-righteous and bring down more scorn on us all.

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    1. I’m not too worried about other candidates claiming to be Christian, because only one candidate is working so hard to be acknowledged and endorsed by the religious right establishment, and that is the gentleman I’ve addressed this letter to. I think the scorn his “conversion” and subsequent conduct as a self-proclaimed “Christian” is a much bigger danger to the reputation to Christianity that my meager letter. Thanks for reading!

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    1. Thanks! If there is one thing I’ve learned in the blogging business, it’s that you can’t take the criticism too seriously; best to assume the best of folks and appreciate their taking the time to read and provide feedback, even the negative kind. But I much appreciate your encouragement!


      1. K B S

        It is perfect. We have listened to President Obama being bashed for years and labeled non Christian when he has a million times more proof than this heathen Donald Trump. It is shameful for our Christian leaders to claim Trump is a Christian just to push their own misguided agenda.

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  5. Dave

    Teresa, Donna and Rehabman, I understand that skepticism of another’s conversion can seem like a fairly un-Christlike approach. However, given the timing of his “conversion”, I think that skepticism is warranted. I think Justin was trying to remind Mr. Trump, and the rest of us what it means to *truly* follow Jesus. Most of the values that Mr. Trump has espoused over the course of his campaign are diametrically opposite to those of Jesus. I would argue that a politician who has a history of saying anything to get what he wants making a conversion at the 11th hour of a campaign could be doing so in order to get votes.
    On the other hand, if he is sincerely accepting Christ, and I hope he is, then we should start to see some shifts in his values. Thankfully Justin has outlined some great ones, really great in fact, probably the best values there are.
    As a Christian, shouldn’t we be wanting someone as visible as Mr. Trump to be showing Christ’s ways as they are outlined above?

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  6. James Mitchell

    Justin, You reiterated Jesus’ teachings wonderfully. Sure, there’s some sarcasm – biting, but not mean. Unfortunately, it appears much of the Christian Right Establishment has sold out the Christianity for worldly power. They will justify anything in pursuit for political power. Jesus did just the opposite. Contrast that with Pope Francis who speaks loudly for the poor and immigrant and angers the powerful. I don’t always agree with what he says but I never doubt it’s coming from a place of faith. I especially liked his most recent comments about how we owe gay people, the poor and women an apology and need to seek forgiveness. He makes being Catholic a joy again. I would love to see a real conversion in Mr. Trump – and will pray for it – but I have my doubts.

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    1. Thank you James! I would be so happy if Mr. Trump was ready sincerely becoming a follower of the Way of Jesus, but we’ll just have to wait and see the fruits; so far, I’m not seeing much since his big conversion experience!


  7. Calif Beach Gal

    Well said and oddly sarcastically funny. I was wondering when Trump/Judas would make this politreligious move to keep the Religious Right happy. This is your forum and right to free speech. I wish Trump had a copy of this.

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  9. If only we all would tend to our house, we may be better off. As neither of the two chosen to run are of great standing in the integrity area……we could look at Hillary and see the STUFF over the years. One no humility the other a liar. Both not fit for the whitehouse….However we need to vote. Yet as I said if we would tend to our own house, our own sins, and look only at how we are living out our own faith, maybe just maybe all this ugliness in the world would not be as bad. If we say we are Christians then how do we live out our lives glorify God each and everyday.


  10. Natasha

    Just a whole lotta judgement going on with this post and the comments. Some need to see about getting that speck outta your eye, author included.


  11. Sandra

    Well, id isn’t finish your letter. It seemed to be making fun and or mockery of Mr. Trump being a Christain. Ever here the judge not lest you be judged. He has his relationship with Jesus and it’s between the two of them. Please note that I do not condon or approve of some of his statements and am not sure why he even makes them or thinks before he does. But, I know a lot of so called upstanding folk who think long and hard about what to say and plan ahead..because what they say and even what they stand for are untrue. Something to ponder..just like I pondered what you had to say. God Bless You.


    1. Hi Sandra! I’m sorry you didn’t read the whole thing. You are correct, the nature of his faith is between him and Jesus. However, the lived portion of his faith, how he brings his relationship into the world in action, is of much interest to the rest of us. Especially considering the fact that he is asking for us to make him the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet. I need to see some positive fruit of a Christian faith, or otherwise I’m going to doubt his commitment to it. He can start with some of the things I listed in my letter.


  12. Joni Sonneman

    I think this is so incredibly sad…

    I’ve been a Christian since I was a little girl, my father, grandfather and two brothers have been pastors, and we’ve devoted our lives to the ministry. In all my years of following Christ, I have only known His mercy…compassion…kindness…patience…gentleness…this article reflects poorly on what I believe a Follower of Christ should “look” like. We don’t KNOW DT’s heart–only God does. We don’t KNOW what the plans are for His life–only God does…we don’t KNOW who he will “be” in 5 years–only God does…

    To be sarcastic in your “tone” implies accusation, distrust, mocking, judgment…you could have said the exact same things WITHOUT the sarcastic approach, and it could have been delivered with love, instead. Why not!?! Why not assume to approach him with kindness, love, compassion and mercy? Jesus would have…


    1. John

      Want to make sure you saw this:

      Actually, if he was quoted accurately by the Gospel writers, there is often a tone of sarcasm when Jesus is conversing with Scribes, Sadducees, and Pharisees. At the very least, Jesus backed folks into a corner and called them out. Below are just a few examples:

      Mark 12:1-12
      Mark 12: 18-27 especially verse 24
      John 9: 35-41

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      1. Joni

        I don’t see how a potentially new “believer” could be compared to a Scribe, Sadducee or Pharisee…the assumption would have to be made that he is compelled by his “religious” beliefs…Jesus LOVED the “sinner”…He was their FRIEND!! He could not tolerate the religious leaders of the day…and I don’t see how DT fits within that group. IF he is truly a new convert, then His Father loves him very much and will get him to where he need to be without our sarcasm. If he is NOT a Christian, his fruit will reveal that over time…


    2. Hi Joni! Thanks for writing. I wouldn’t be so worried about how I am reflecting on the faith, over here at my little blog, when we have someone like Mr. Trump running around claiming the mantle of our faith, and then using his platform to act and speak in very, very unChristian ways. You are right, only God knows what he is thinking, but we should be seeing some positive fruit; that is very much our business, as he is insisting that we make him leader of our country.

      And every now and then, a little sarcasm can help.


      1. Joni

        You’re not held accountable for what HE does–only what you do and say. I think we are in risky territory when we try to justify our actions by pointing to the faults of another as an excuse for us to judge another. Again–I don’t KNOW this man’s heart…whether it is a “valid” salvation or not…BUT…if it IS, then I would rather err on the side of compassion and mercy than to err on the side of judgment and accusation…your “little blog” only saddens me…it doesn’t scare me or make me think that this insane election hinges on it…I was just stating that it troubles me when “Christians” take on the tone of your post…and I believe it would not please our Savior…


      2. You misunderstand me: I’m not claiming that you or I or anyone are accountable in the long run for his actions. What I am saying is, his actions very much effect my life, and your life, and lives of people all around the world, if he is to become President. So, I think I very much have the standing to comment on his “Conversion”, especially if I feel it to be a political stunt – which I think it is. But, hey, maybe I’ll be wrong. Maybe we’ll see a new, changed Donald Trump soon. After all, if it was a real conversion, then we should see some fruit in his actions sometime. Of course, its been over a week now and it’s been the same ol’ Donald, so I’m thinking he wasn’t terribly sincere.


  13. Mary

    Actually, if he was quoted accurately by the Gospel writers, there is often a tone of sarcasm when Jesus is conversing with Scribes, Sadducees, and Pharisees. At the very least, Jesus backed folks into a corner and called them out. Below are just a few examples:

    Mark 12:1-12
    Mark 12: 18-27 especially verse 24
    John 9: 35-41

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  14. Carl

    To Joni S;

    I agree that we don’t know DTs heart. As a long time Christian did you know
    Bill Clinton’s heart or Pres Obama’s heart? I bet you made judgements about their hearts. Only you know if you did. I too have been a Christ Follower many years. I have witnessed many evangelicals take for granted that Republican candidates are Christians without any evidence. Examples include; Nixon, Bush 41, Reagan, even McCain and Romney. Please provide some incsight on your political leanings (who you voted for in the last 3 or 4 elections). Then we can determine if your concern over our being judgmental is political or faith based.


    1. Ted Wilson

      I agree with your post, just thought I’d point out that it was pretty well known that Romney is Mormon, not Christian.


    2. Joni

      i am a little confused by your comment Carl: I don’t recall any announcements with regards to the candidates you mentioned as being newly saved prior to or during their election process. Also, I can’t figure out why anyone would need/want to “determine” whether my concern is “political or faith-based”…what does that have to do with ANYTHING!?! My ONLY concern is with regards to how we–as Christians–should relate to others…I don’t care WHO they are!! If James Dobson announced that Clinton OR Obama recently gave their hearts to the Lord and this post was written TO them, then I would be reacting to the tone of this blog post in the exact same way…it’s just a sad thing to me because–I believe–it reflects poorly on how we are SUPPOSED to treat others….


  15. Marian

    I would have liked it better if you had also written a letter to Hillary using your same wit and
    pointing out her foibles as well. Otherwise your humor just makes you look like a
    staunch Democrat/Liberal wanting to “smite” a conservative Republican.

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    1. Hi Marian, thanks for reading. I don’t really feel the need to write a letter to Hillary along these lines. Not because I’m a “staunch Democrat/Liberal”, but because she is not running around touting her conversion and ties to prominent Christian leaders. If she was, I would be so inclined. But we are only seeing one candidate do that, so I decided to address that.


  16. Lozza C

    Dear Justin,
    Well done to you in terms of your Open Letter. I am very encouraged as well by your ability to ignore the negative comments posted in response. You seem like the kind of person who gives Christians a good name: intelligent, witty, faith-based, and sincere. You do not seem to possess the traits that give Christians a bad name: sanctimonious, self-aggrandizing, judgmental. While others think your letter was judgmental, it was satire, which (as I hope my English classes learn) is mockery to make a serious point. Most people see the stunt Trump pulled for what it was: a cheap attempt to get votes by a hypocrite who will never make good on what it means to take those vows seriously. Those who don’t wouldn’t know satire if it bit them on the bum. Which is why we have Trump supporters in the first place.
    Go, you good thing.

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    1. Thank you so much Lozza! It’s comments like yours that makes it a bit easier to endure the critics 😉 I really appreciate your kind words, and I agree wholeheartedly with you: I too think it was an obvious political stunt!


  17. We better get this right. Our future and the future of our children…grandchildren are riding on this. Spiritually…God looks at the heart of men (and women). We can only go by what comes out of the mouth of our representatives vying to lead our country…
    Fear not…
    Blessed be the Peace Makers…
    God is Love…
    Great words to live by…
    I have FAITH that we will elect the person who will lead and not divide!

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  18. You said it right when you called him a baby Christian. As such, it’s unfair for you to throw truths at him that you have learned over a period of time, and especially in a tone that is mocking, and dripping with sarcasm.
    As one who began reading the Bible at age 31, but went to mass daily at the parochial school I attended, it was a frequent occurrence that an oft-heard scripture from my youth gripped me and came alive. I can only attribute that to the Holy Spirit’s instruction, and God’s timing. For you to throw scripture after scripture at him almost as an arsenal of weapons, no doubt to support your political beliefs, did not come across as discipleship; rather, as mean-spirited.
    If he is being hypocritical, his actions will reveal that, and then we are called to be wise and judge the sin against scripture, but what you are doing is predicting his heart’s condition. That’s God’s job, and Donald Trump will have to answer for his actions to Him, for the offense is against God; not us.
    Personally, I pray for all the candidates, and especially for those whom I fear will lead our country down the wrong path. Believe you me, I have my moments when I get angry and can’t believe people fall for their lies, but in general, my posture is one of hope that their hearts and minds will be won, and character will return to our leaders.
    Lastly, what if he truly had a conversion? Think of the ramifications for himself, his family, and our country. If you think it’s impossible, then it says more about what you believe about God than what you believe about Donald Trump.


    1. Hi, thanks for reading! As I wrote in the letter, seeing that Mr. Trump is a “baby Christian”, I thought it would be helpful to point out some places for him to start with Scripture: specifically, the words of Jesus himself! I don’t think I was promoting a political agenda; if the words of Jesus clash with your political leanings, well, it would seem you have bigger problems to address. I hope and pray he is sincere, and I think we will see the sincerity of his “conversion” in his actions and words (in fact, I think we’ve already seen some examples since I wrote this.)

      I disagree wholeheartedly with your contention that “The offense if against God; not us.” Mr. Trump is asking us to vote for him to be leader of our country. That’s his right, and if he wants to use the name of Christianity to help, that is also his right. But he is very answerable to us, as citizens and fellow Christians. He needs to show some positive fruit; otherwise he is shaming the name of Jesus by using it as a political tool. That is our business, and we all have a right to express our opinion of it, as I have done here.


      1. Ted Wilson

        “he is shaming the name of Jesus by using it as a political tool” I believe this to be taking the Lord’s name in vain more than swearing.


  19. Zencat

    Loved your open letter Justin. People who are saying about seeing judging and sarcasms…you see it because your minds are always judging. Open your heart and read it for what it is.

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  20. boo king

    Loved this Justin. Spot on. Thank you for writing and sharing it. I’m a Canadian so I don’t get to vote on your next president but I do know that whomever is elected, it won’t just affect the US but the world. Scary thought if six months from now we’re all saying President Trump.

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  21. Carl Shankle

    It is incredibly rare that the author of an article like this has the guts to answer or discuss the article on the comments section. That takes a lot of guts Justin! I enjoyed the article and enjoyed the discussion in the comments section. I am now a blog follower.


  22. For the sake of full disclosure, I want to declare upfront that I’m an atheist. So I can’t claim that there’s no small irony when I suggest to you that you are throwing pearls before a swine. With that in mind I send you my good wishes.


  23. Steve

    Great letter, thanks! While I am an atheist, I respect people who sincerely believe differently and have the courage and skills to express themselves well. This letter is an example of that, kudos. I also find the comments Christians criticizing the author for judging to be humorous in that a) the author did not pass judgement and b) the critics did (and patently unwittingly).

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  24. A Blessed Life

    This whole read, letter and comments, absolutely hilarious. You gotta love Christians, too funny. Just for FYI, a few months ago, when DT started his campaign, I watched a speech where he declared the Bible his No. 1 book, always has it close by, and so I became intrigued and watched him, to see his fruit, and I find this letter hilarious, based on his past declaration, and words and actions since then, they do not support his claim that the Bible is his No. 1 Book. So, there is no judgement, only observation, filled with hilarity at it all. He is applying for the top job. His word should be trustworthy, true and sincere, and the fruit of his actions will reveal the truth, and it is of the utmost importance to know the truth, because a lot is at stake, he is applying for the Presidents job. Sometimes humour is a way of expressing the craziness of the whole thing, and what’s the old saying … You gotta laugh, cos if ya don’t, you’ll cry. Humour can be a good thing, to lighten the situation, and that is good. What’s a shocker, and hilarious, is watching Christians interact, unbelievable, you gotta love em 🙂 God Bless xxx


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