On to Phillips Theological Seminary!

It’s official!

12410575_10208128665034954_5963324644027054454_nYesterday, I received my acceptance letter to Phillips Theological Seminary, here in Tulsa. I start classes in two short weeks, on January 26th. This moment has been 2+ years coming, and I’m thrilled to get started.

You can learn more about PTS here. It is a Disciples-affiliated seminary that has a proud reputation of being one of the most progressive theological schools in the country.

A big part of this blog has been the intention of PTS-logoblogging about my experiences in seminary. Since that is starting soon, I hope to write plenty about what I’m learning and doing and experiencing at Phillips. And I look forward to your feedback and engagement as part of the learning and growing process.

Wish me luck!


One thought on “On to Phillips Theological Seminary!

  1. Gina Joseph Dewey

    Hi Justin,

    Your post on Trump/Bonhoeffer came across my FB feed today. Was very happy to read your thoughts for several more personal reasons which is why I’m responding here rather than on the Trump/DB blog. Firstly, I was thrilled to see a Christian addressing this issue rather than pushing the elephant under the rug (mixed metaphor, I know😉). As a former evangelical, I have many friends and family who are supporting Trump simply because he’s presently leading the Republican race….no acknowledgement of the cognitive dissonance there!
    Secondly, I spent my childhood in Wichita, moving to Pennsylvania when I was 14 (1968…don’t do the math). My children grew up in PA but my daughter met an Oklahoman in chiropractic school in Dallas and now lives near Tahlequah. During my visits, I’ve learned first-hand about some of the strongly-held conservative beliefs in this area (to be fair, similar conservative beliefs are found in many areas across the country but, generalizing,they’re usually more rural areas.) My daughter has experienced some culture shock but is slowly adapting but, wisely, discusses her more liberal beliefs only with like-minded folks 😊 (she, of course, has a practice to maintain!)
    Lastly, my parents met at Phillips University in Enid in the ’50s. I”m assuming that the Seminary is what remains of Phillips? So glad to hear that it’s among the most progressive seminaries…I grew up in a Disciples Church in Wichita and didn’t realize how progressive the denomination now is….there are many UCC churches here but no Disciples churches.
    Hope that I haven’t been too reminiscent 😊
    Best wishes to both you and your wife as you pursue your studies…..and enjoy those beautiful children!


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