Year in Review: Top Posts of 2015

Hi everyone. What a year it has been! Thank you to everyone who has had a part in this: all of you who have taken the time to read and comment and email and share and like and tweet what I have written here. It’s really gratifying and a blessing to see several years of blogging to basically no one finally come to fruition this year.

This year was big, as I moved from the Blogger platform here to WordPress in mid-August. This move was a definite positive for the blog, as WordPress is more user friendly and more amenable to social media and publicizing than Blogger was. I especially appreciated WordPress choosing my post about Kim Davis in September to share on their “Freshly Pressed” blog. It’s great that WordPress promotes and helps those who use this platform, and I couldn’t be more appreciative for what they have built here

The thing that really launched this blog into the stratosphere was my post in late August about Black Lives Matter. Viewed over 90,000 times, and shared innumerably on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pintrest and even by a college professor as required reading for a class, the reaction to my words exceeded anything I could have imagined in my wildest dreams. Even now, four months later, that post is still my highest performing post on a week-to-week basis. I am humbled that what I wrote could play a small part in the vital conversation going on in this country about race, and I credit all of you with helping make that happen.

Ok, so here are some number to quantify 2015 for this blog:

100,598: That’s the total number of pageviews for 2015. Wow!

85,272: Total unique visitors in 2015. WordPress tells me that’s four days worth of visitors to the Louvre, which is a unique way of looking at it I guess. Still, that’s a lot of people!

24,071: That’s page views on my single best day, September 2. A quarter of total views for 2015 came on this day alone!

79: Total new posts in 2015. I hope to eclipse that by early spring in 2016; my plan is to consistently post every morning, with Sundays being the “Week in Review” I started recently. We’ll see how I do!

515: This number actually signifies two things (by coincidence, no design.) That is both the number of comments y’all have left this year (thanks for engaging!) and the number of email subscribers to this blog! What, you didn’t know you could subscribe via email to get updates from me? Well now you do! Just scroll down to the bottom of this page (After you are done reading, of course) and click the button to sign up. And don’t forget to like me on Facebook too!

Ok, well before we wrap up the year, I want to run through the ten blog posts you all read the most this year. If there were others that were your favorites, share below in the comments. Or, leave me ideas on what you’d like to see me tackle in 2016. And thanks again for making this such a great year. See you next year!

Top Ten Posts of 2015

10. Red Cups and Persecution Complexes: American Christianity in 2015

9. Myths of the Nativity

8. The Non-Negotiables of Christianity

7. An Open Letter to Those Who Bring Intolerance to the TU Campus

6. Myths of the Nativity: Mary, Joseph, and the Virgin Birth

5. What My Generation Needs From the Church

4. Two Things You Can’t Be Simultaneously: A Christian and a Trump Supporter

3. Addressing Objections and Criticisms of Black Lives Matter

2. Kim Davis is Not a Martyr For Religious Liberty. She’s a Tool For Religious Right Hysteria.

And, #1 is: Why Black Lives Matter is Crucial, All Lives Matter is Unnecessary, and White Lives Matter is Just Racist

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