Must Read Books and Blogs

Hey everyone.

I’m hard at work on content for my new series “A Defense of Progressive Theology”; it all works together, so I’m working on it all at once, something I’ve never done before. My first posts should be up soon.

In the meantime, check out a couple blogs that friends of mine run, if you need some throughts on progressive Christianity in your life!

Shane Russo is a candidate for ministry in the Eastern Ohio Conference of the UMC, and is an up-and-coming progressive voice. In addition to his ministry, he is also a young father of two (like yours truly) and he always has unique perspectives to share. Check out his self-titled blog, where he will soon be starting the #30daysofPaul journey! Be sure to read and engage with him as he explores the Apostles letters!

Rev. Aaron Todd is the Director of Youth Ministries at First Christian Church in Midwest City, OK. I met Aaron earlier this summer when he brought his mid-high youth to do some volunteer garden work for me at StoneSoup. His kids were great, and they are all a reflection on Aaron and his leadership. A former lead pastor in Pasadena, CA, Aaron is also a young father (do you see a pattern here?) His blog, Chasing the Holy, is a must read, and a few of his posts have been picked up by Patheos and Huff Post.

sixmonthstoliveENIn addition to my next series, I also received a new book from Plough to review, called Six Months To Live by Daniel Hallock, so look for that soon. And in my Sunday school class at church, we just started doing a study on Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans, and I’m so excited about it that I may have to share some thoughts here.

I also just started a second job, with United Campus Ministries at the University of Tulsa. Well known as the “Little Blue House,” UCM is an ecumenical campus ministry focused on peace and justice issues in Tulsa. We are also the only open and affirming ministry on campus, and we encourage doubt and questions and self-discovery, making the work we do essential to the health and well-being of so many TU students. It’s a very, very cool place and I’m so excited to get started there.

Thanks for being loyal readers, and I look forward to engaging with you as we move forward!


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