Future Plans

It’s been pretty exclusive around here lately, with my monolithic focus on the #30daysofPaul series. So where are we going from here, now that that’s over?

where are we goingWell, I’ve got some pretty good ideas.

I loved diving into Scripture in the Paul series, going through chapter-by-chapter and seeing what it says and thinking about it and grappling with it and learning. I want to do that some more.

So, in the near future, I am planning on diving into the rest of the New Testament, bit by bit, just like we did with Paul. First, we will explore the pseudo-Pauline letters (Colossians, Ephesians, 1 and 2 Timothy, and Titus.) Next, we will tackle the remaining Epistles (Hebrews, James, 1 and 2 Peter, 1,2 &3 John, Jude), then the Gospels, Acts and finally Revelation.

If that all goes well, we may go on into the Old Testament. But I think for now, the NT is quite an ambitious undertaking.

But before that, I want to do another short series first. I’ve had some pushback and criticisms of my progressive theology in the recent weeks and months, but from sources close to me and online, out in the world. A lot of these criticisms stem from, I think, a misunderstanding of progressive Christianity in general, and my own personal brand of it.

So I want to lay out what I believe, in full, for the world to see and respond to. I think it is important to get your personal beliefs out in writing periodically anyways, so this will be a good exercise in that. I’m eager to engage with others over what I believe, and maybe even have my mind changed. That’s the next series, so look soon for an introductory post to that.

That should keep us well occupied the rest of the year. I will also occaisionally, of course, comment on other things, but those series will be my focus.

Anything you want to see my tackle? Any changes you would make to my plans, additions or subtractions. Let me know below, and be sure to share this page far and wide and bring others into our conversation.

I’m looking forward to growing and learning together! Thanks for reading and participating.


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