Welcome carpet
Welcome carpet

Welcome to my new website! After a few good years over at my Blogger page, I recently decided it was time to “upgrade” my online presence.

So, I bought the rights to http://www.justindametz.com and began experimenting with different webpage builders. This is the result of that experimenting. It’s simple, but I think it’s pretty and easy to use and navigate. It has the ability to grow and flexibility to change as I need it to.

All my blogging will be happening here from now on. I’ve brought over a representative selection of some of my most popular blog posts from the old site, as well the entire #30daysofPaul series. As you can see to the right, I can organize my posts by category, meaning you can easily look at everything I’ve written on a given topic. You can also search by tags, which provide a bit more detail on subject.

Blog rules are staying the same: be nice, stay on subject, use nice language, don’t use personal attacks. I reserve the right to delete comments that violate what I think needs to be here, and to block permanently those who cause problems. I won’t do this unless it’s really bad, because I like an open and wide-ranging conversation, but not to the absolute extreme.

So what do you think? Like it, or hate it? Are there any changes you can think of that need to happen? Just let me know on the Contact Me page. Be sure to like me on Facebook by clicking on the Facebook button in the sidebar! And please, like and share what you find here with, and help me spread the word!

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